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Our professional medical lasers are approved with FDA, CE, CFDA certificates.

eBeam CO2 Medical Las...ATL is a high-tech enterprise of American Aotong group.

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ATL-2Fractional CO2 Laser resurfacing is a newer & safer form of traditional CO2 laser skin resurfacing that penetrates deeper into the layers of the skin to stimulate collagen production. Co2 Laser Skin Resurfacing Machine has the functions of surgery cutting with lower bleeding, abrasion, vaporization, tissue fusion and anti-Virus. It is applied for grinding, wrinkle removal, anti-Freckle, skin resurfacing,etc.
Grinding — skin sputum, sweat duct tumor, sebaceous adenoma, photoaging keratosis, seborrheic keratosis
Wrinkle Reduction— forehead, , periorbital, neckl and sagging skin
Scar Removal – hypertrophic scars, hemorrhoids/trauma/surgery, etc.
Pigmentation- freckles, chloasma, coffee spots, age spots, stretch marks, etc.
Other-telangiectasia, large pores and skin gentle.

The CO2 laser skin resurfacing machine has different modes, each of which induces a different reaction in the tissue. The operation modes are continuous mode, single pulse, repetition pulse, superpose mode and scanning mode.

1.Continuous Mode – for general cutting operation.
In the continuous (CONT) mode of operation, the laser is continuously output.

2.Single Pulse Mode- for vaporating and cutting function for small lesions , such as pigmented Nevus.
In the single pulse (SINGL) mode of operation, a single high power pulse is emitted.

3.Repetition Pulse Mode
Duty Cycle is with On Time, Off Time Period. In the repetitive pulse (REPT) mode of operation, the lasers are emitted at the same frequency. The repetition pulse is controlled by the software by synchronizing the duty cycle changes.

4. Superpulse Mode
High power peak is for grinding or incision. The cycle is with OnTime, OFF time two periods.
Minimum pulse width: <0.001s (1ms)
In the ultra-pulse (S.P.) mode of operation, the laser emits at the same frequency.

5.Scanning Mode
High peak power of energy is emitted for grinding, skinning or incision.
There are different shapes to choose.

Dimensions are adjustable, up to 20mm × 20mm. Its dot density is also adjustable
The scanning uses a space-scan, which has a small heat loss and a more uniform point.

Top Quality Co2 Laser Skin Resurfacing Machine Manufacturer
Co2 laser skin resurfacing machine are said to be the gold standard in dealing with skin conditions. We are one of the leading and world-class producers of carbon dioxide laser skin resurfacing machines. Our machines are the most modernistic and riskless Co2 laser devices as compared to the traditional ones. The recent introduction of our produced Co2 laser skin resurfacing machine has revolutionized the laser treatment procedures. These machines have the ability to penetrate deep into the skin and stir the natural collagen production.
We are known to be the revolutionary and ultra-modern Co2 laser skin resurfacing machine manufacturers. Our skin laser resurfacing machines have different modes that have a different effect on the skin tissues. The four working modes of our machines are the continuous mode, single pulse mode, repetition pulse mode, and super pulse mode. As compared to the conventional laser machines, our machines are admiringly proficient in targeting and treating skin conditions with precise micro laser pulses. These Co2 laser machines are seasoned to perform surgery cuttings with lower bleeding chances. They fire small laser beams into the skin, leaving some intact skin in between to help recovery and reduce the recovery period.
Our machines have the ability to be used for various skin concerns like for improving skin texture, for reducing wrinkles caused by skin sagging, for improving the appearance of persistent acne scars, to reduce the production of melanin, to help with sun harmed skin, and to reduce the sallowness. These machines are also immensely helpful in skin tightening. Since our machines are fabricated to ablate skin tissues, various skin bumps and can also be effectively cured by these machines.
Our Co2 laser skin resurfacing machine are leading the industry in various aspects like performance, reliability, durability, specifications, sturdiness and operational life span. You can expect to find our machines being used in the most superlative and world-class clinics, hospitals and cosmetic facilities around the globe. With our highly technological Co2 laser machines, the doctors or licensures are able to treat various skin conditions effectively.

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