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Aesthetic devices for skin cleansing, hair removal, wrinkle reduction, skin rejuvenation etc

ATL-DHO Hydra Peel De...ATL is a high-tech enterprise of American Aotong group.



ATL-DHO is a refreshing skin rejuvenation procedure that deeply exfoliates and cleanses the skin.

Hydra Peel Facial Machine
ATL-DHO Hydra Peel facial machine is a refreshing skin rejuvenation procedure that deeply exfoliates and cleanses the skin. The vacuum suction device is used to simultaneously soften dead skin with a hydrating solution while removing the dead skin cells, working as a peel treatment without needles, squeezing or abrasion. The Omega Hydra Peel facial machine cleanses, exfoliates, hydrates and brightens the skin, as well as clearing congestion and removing blackheads.

Get the latest Top Hydra Facial Machine
Looking for innovative ways to enhance your beauty business, and make your SPA a reputable one in both online and offline world? You don’t need smart approaches, but smart devices to make your work for actionable and effective!
Come to Atlasers and get the top quality hydra facial machines to let your customer witness a smoothing and enthralling skin treatment experience. Our provided hydra facial machine offers multi-step treatment in which it not only removes impurities and dead skin cells, but also replenishes skin with vital nutrients in the meantime leaving candidate’s skin more beautiful and recharged.
The quick process and the phenomenal product is what something that puts our HydraFacial an example of its own. Our supplied products deliver quick and effective results without any pain, and hazardous injuries – indeed a reason enough to make your customers a permanent one!

Need Skin boosters? Our machine can do that well!
Yes, our hydra machine can address specific skin concerns like;
It’ll make your skin look bright & alive
Boost growth cells
Promote nutrients absorption
Provides your skin a Britenol boost
Provides a quick Derma builder boost
Being a dedicated facial machine manufacturer, we always look for new ways to make our machine a worth considering investment that one could ever make. So, what are you waiting for?
Contact us today and discover a great selection of high-quality health & fitness products from our SGS verified manufacturers who are always willing to offer innovative services and unique medical products that can respond best to all changing requirements of the healthcare industry.

Device Features
Excellent results for Acne Removal , Deep Cleansing of Epidermis, Skin Rejuvenation and Hydration, Wrinkle Reduction

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