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Medical Laser

Our professional medical lasers are approved with FDA, CE, CFDA certificates.

ATL-150/ATL-250 CO2 ...ATL is a high-tech enterprise of American Aotong group.


CO2 Medical Laser System
The design of General CO2 Laser medical laser series based on a sealed-off CO2 technology. The output laser delivered by articulated arm is at infrared spectrum with high power density and good direction.
The particular operation mode of ATL-250 causes wide application in cosmetic surgery with less side effect to skin than other CO2 medical systems.

After CO2 laser is absorbed by skin, the light energy can be effectively ablation, vaporization, excision, incision, and coagulation of soft tissue. It will cause lower bleeding when surgery operation and kill some germs and tumor cells. ATL-250 is designed with the leading technology in the world. Our CO2 laser enable quick cut and quick cure with little injury Particularly, under the super pulse mode, the ATL CO2 series can be used not only in usual application field, but also in cosmetic surgery It could also help alleviate the burden of doctors and pains of patients.

Device Features
• Sealed-off CO2 laser technology
• CW, Pulse and Super Pulse operation modes
• Soft key board, microprocessor controlled
• 7-joint spring balanced articulated arm
• Pilot beam of diode laser
• Safety protection with audio alarm
• Aluminum frame – strong and steady

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