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Medical Laser

Our professional medical lasers are approved with FDA, CE, CFDA certificates.

AugeLase Diode Laser ...ATL is a high-tech enterprise of American Aotong group.

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AugeLase Diode Laser Hair removal & Skin rejuvenation
Painless Hair Removal Painless Ice-point Skin Rejuvenation

It has been proven that 808nm laser can effectively penetrate epidermis and reach the
target tissue. With adjustable pulse sequences, the target tissue will absorb enough
energy and produce appropriate heat effect. Augelase can effectively protect tissues
around target tissue by unique sapphire window TEC cooling technology and achieve
the best results of hair removal. It is also able to treat aged spots, telangiectasia,
and pigmentation.

Smooth, Comfortable, Durable treatment.

Melanin absorb the energy from 808nm laser beam

Advanced Diode Laser Technology for Safe and Painless Hair Reduction.
Improve several skin problems: Skin Rejuvenation, Aged Spots Removal and Hair Removal.No discomfort and no downtime for work and life after treatment .
Increase skin flexibility and improve skin texture.

Hair RemovalImprove skin texture and large pores of skin
Acne mark removal Pox mark removal
Telangiectasia, acne

Before & After

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