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Aesthetic devices for skin cleansing, hair removal, wrinkle reduction, skin rejuvenation etc

GlobalCure SC6 Q-Swit...ATL is a high-tech enterprise of American Aotong group.

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GlobalCure SC6 Q-Switched Nd:YAG laser system
The GlobalCure SC6 is an Q-Switched Nd:YAG laser system with 1064nm & 532nm wavlength. It is and dermal pigmented lesions including age spots, solar lentigines, Cafe-au-lait and dermal melanocytosis.GlobalCure is an easy-use, reliable and serviceable dermatologic surgery system.


Q-Switched Nd Yag Laser Machines

1.Long Pulse Mode-Uniformity of light spot

Long Pulse Mode              Traditional Gaussian Beam Mode

2.Short Pulse Duration with higher peak energy can helps to remove melanin.

Device Features

1. Q-Switched 1064nm Nd Yag Laser Machines are applied in the dermis pigmented lesions.Such as:

· Blue nevus

· Nevus of Ota or Ito Nevus

· Traumatic tattoos or decorative tattoos

· Post-inflammatory pigmentation

· Chloasma

2. Q-Switched 532nm is applied in the epidermis pigmented lesion. Such as :

· Nevoid Lentigo

· Coffee Spots

· Freckle

· Seborrheic keratosis

· Red Tattoo

3. Long Pulse 1064nm(300nm) is applied in

· Reduce Wreckles

· Fine Large Pores

· Uniform skin tone

· Treatment for superficial acne scars and inflammatory acne

· Skin rejuvenation

· Seborrheic skin

Before & After

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