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Aesthetic devices for skin cleansing, hair removal, wrinkle reduction, skin rejuvenation etc

AngeLite-PLUS OPT Aes...ATL is a high-tech enterprise of American Aotong group.


AngeLite-PLUS OPT Aesthetic Platform
IPL Skin Rejuvenation Machine AngeLite-SDC use wide light spectrum to treat for different skin problems.
It is mainly applied in different sorts of pigments and vascular skin diseases, skin rejuvenation, and hair removal.
1.The relation between wavelength and the depth of penetration

The depth of penetration of a laser or intense pulsed light in a tissue is proportional to its wavelength of light within a certain range.
The choice of the wavelength of laser or light during treatment should first consider the depth of penetration, and the deeper the lesion, the longer the wavelength of the desired light wave.
2.The relations between wavelength & absorption

Different components in the tissue can be absorbed in the absorption of different wavelengths of light .
The ideal result of the IPL Skin Rejuvenation Machine treatment is that the target tissue of the lesion has the maximum absorption of the laser radiation when choosing specific therapeutic wavelength , while the surrounding normal tissues have minimal absorption so as to gain minimum heating hurt .

Get Top Quality IPL Skin Rejuvenation Machine

Buying skin treatment machines from Atlases means you’ve chosen best advancement of technology which hasn’t used so far till now, as our latest IPL skin rejuvenation machines provide you instantly, and more convenient sessions using which salons can get more patients and earn more revenue.
Our all beauty machines have been specifically designed by professionals, to offer maximum value to salons and clients. Give your business a competitive advantage by investing in one of our IPL machines for sale.
How we make our machines always useful?
It hardly seems rare it’s rare to find such beauty treatment machines which can deliver both effective results, and gentle healing qualities in the meantime, salons usually had to weigh the benefits of one or other.
But Atlases have resolved this issue now, our machine can be a bundle of benefits to all clients from now, we are offering a complete care package with unique technology and advanced features to all our clients around the world.
Our IPL skin treatment machines are useful in terms of addressing following skin concerns like;
•Reducing pigmented lesions
•Reducing Freckle and vascular lesions
•Skin rejuvenation
•Permanent hair reduction
Best Features
The notable features of our provided IPL machine are;
•Safe in working
•Minimum or no side effects
•Robust design
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