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Aesthetic devices for skin cleansing, hair removal, wrinkle reduction, skin rejuvenation etc

CrystaLite PDT Aesthe...ATL is a high-tech enterprise of American Aotong group.

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CrystaLite PDT Aesthetic System

Photodynamic Therapy CrystaLite is designed for solving a large number of skin problems sucessfully with photodynamic therapy and narrow-spectrum light technology to initiate a range of physical, chemical and biological processes agitating light-sensitive tissue in biological tissues.
Different Heads are with different wavelength
630nm-whitening, Blemish, Skin Rejuvenation, Wrinkle Reduction, Proliferation of Collagen,Anti-inflammatory
590nm- Skin Rejuvenation
410nm- Inflammatory acne, skin status
Crysalite-R 630nm
Red light
It acts effectively on the mitochondria of subcutaneous tissue cells, producing a highly efficient photochemical biological reaction-enzymatic reaction, which activates the cellular chromoplast oxidase C in the mitochondria, producing more energy to accelerate the synthesis of DNA and RNA, generating a large amount of Collagen and fibrous tissue fill itself and speed up the elimination of waste or dead cells, repairing damaged skin, smoothing fine wrinkles, shrinking pores, increasing skin elasticity, and brightening skin.
Crystalite- P 410nm
Blue Light
Blue light matches the peak of light absorption of the porphyrin in the metabolite of Propionibacterium acnes, and the chemical de-excitation process of the porphyrin in the metabolite of Propionibacterium acnes produces a large amount of singlet reactive oxygen, which can produce a strain of P. acnes. A highly oxidizing environment that causes bacterial death to remove acne from the skin.
Crystalite-Y 590nm
Yellow Light
The yellow light is acted through the photoactivation of fibroblasts, stimulating collagen regeneration, inhibiting collagenase / MMP, to reduce wrinkles and rejuvenate skin.

Device Features
No heat effect, no side effects, no need to rest after treatment
No pain, no traumatic safety therapy;
Can treat large areas in a short time;
A calm and relaxed experience;
Easy to operate.

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